Klip Xtreme Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Support

Type of product

Gel mouse pad

Ergonomic design

Memory gel: adapts to fit the shape of your wrist during use


Durable and smooth fabric surface

Give your wrists the comfort they need

Now there’s no excuse to have carpal tunnel syndrome or cramps. The KlipXtreme® Gel Pad takes the shape of your wrists as you scroll and click, quickly returning to its original form when you remove them.

It prevents wrist pain by reducing pressure points, while encouraging a more ergonomically correct position of the arm.

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SKU#: KMP-100B
  • Available in black
  • Slip-resistant, rubberized base
  • Soft, washable lycra covering
  • Promotes proper hand positioning to reduce wrist injuries
  • Nonskid base holds mouse pad firmly in place
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